Grounding Assembly A 12 Volt Amp

By Nell Harrison

This article answers How to Properly Ground a Car Stereo Amplifier. We also discuss the importance of grounding of amplifier and also things needed to do this job ourselves. Follow the step by step approach to do this job perfectly and easily.

After market stereos should have an effective operation after purchase is made. To ensure this stability in operation it is important to ground the wire to car's body. The electrical circuit gets complete only when the wire of amplifier is grounded. This powers the amplifier . This is called power wire and connection is given between this positive wire and positive lead of battery of car. Ground wire is often attached to the metal part of car's body and is also the negative terminal of battery of the car. This operation ensures both safety and stability of connection .

Now before seeing the instructions for grounding the amplifier we see the things required . We ll need an amplifier and a ground wire. Firstly the negative terminal of battery of the car is removed from connection . This is mainly done to ensure safety as this may avoid short circuiting

After a terminal is disconnected, the location of the amplifier is selected. This is very important since the ground connection must be done in a range of eighteen inches from the amplifier. Another constraint is that it must be placed in cool and well-ventilated location. Therefore all these things must be kept in mind before selecting the location. The most preferred is the trunk area since no overheating can be produced.

A wire is then connected for grounding. The connection is to be made from the ground output of the amplifier. The ground output might not be known immediately and therefore reference can be made to the circuit diagram of the amplifier. But sometimes there are labelling made pointing the ground output connection on the amplifier.

The next step is to locate an area in the gap of 18 inches from the ground to the amplifier. The body of the car is the place where it can be mounted. While mounting the wire to the body of the car make sure to use nuts and screws as this ensures tight connection towards the body of the car.

The final step in this process is very important. The nuts and screws are all unscrewed. The ground wire's metal lead is placed in between. And then these screws and are all re installed. And finally it is all kept secured.

The instructions on how to properly ground a car stereo amplifier is very easy to follow. One tip that can be practiced is to remove out the paint from the screw or nut to which the wire is connected. This has to be done to ensure direct contact with the metal body of the car. If these above instructions and tip are followed, the amplifier's ground connection can be done with less effort. - 30695

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Computer Headphones Review

By Ledley Withenshaw

If you're looking into buying computer headphones, this is slightly more complicated than you might think, especially if you want a set of headphones which lives up to what you expect from them. There are actually many different types of computer headphones available. You'll find that many models have microphones built-in, making these appropriate for a wide variety of purposes.

Your typical computer headphones come in the form of a stereo headset which will produce reasonable sound quality but nothing special. The standard head set also connect directly to your sound card in the back of your computer, making them ideal for most people. Providing you get one with a high quality standards, you should find that a standard set from satisfied just about every everyday computing needs.

Certain types of computer headphones are designed specifically for specific functions. These often can be quite expensive but you will definitely impressed if you get something it is fully featured. Nonetheless, before you buy something, it is a good idea to read some customer reviews on the Internet to get a better idea of exactly what you want. This way you won't be disappointed and you can find something that ideally suit your circumstances. Getting some second opinions can be very good to let you make a better judgment of what you want to buy.

A decent set of computer headphones can sound pretty impressive, and indeed, some of them to cost a couple of hundred dollars if you go for the most expensive models. These are the sort of headphones that many DJs use, and since they use a standard connection, you can connect them directly into your computer to obtain a high degree of sound quality.

If you're in the market for only a standard set of computer headphones, you should look for the standard 3.5 mm socket connector. This will allow you to plug your headset into most computers and laptops as well as DVD players and portable media players. It is also a good idea to check out the specifications, such as the signal to noise ratio before buying.

If you need computer headphones with a microphone built in, you should make sure that any headphone you buy has noise canceling capabilities. This will make a difference if you intend to use the headphone for functions like voice recognition, VoIP communications or just about anything else where quality is important. If you want something which is primarily designed for communications, then a wireless Bluetooth headset can also come in very handy.

If you are somewhat of a media enthusiast, and you want to be able to watch and enjoy movies in full surround sound, you can also do this with is set of decent headphones. There are actually 5. 1 speaker headphone sets out there and although they are expensive, they provide an extremely impressive listening experience without having to disturb anyone else in the room or around. The same is true for online video gaming. - 30695

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Noise Cancellation Headphones - Canceling Noise Headphones Review

By Freddy McCandless

The technology of noise cancellation headphones has been around since the 1950s but only in the public arena since the 1980's. Bose Corporation, the high end audio suppliers were the first to release this technology. One of their staff traveling on a commercial airline found the headphones issued to be lacking. Many people today will not travel long distances on flights without their noise canceling headphones. So the question is how do they work and what makes a good set of headphones?

Noise cancellation technology works with a microphone 'listening' to the noise around you. They record these sounds and invert them and that inverted sound being the opposite of the sound outside effectively cancels it out. This technology works best for a constant sound such as an airplane engine or an air conditioning unit. They are less effective on rapidly changing noises such as speech as the sound waves change quickly and the inverting technology, working in real time; struggle to keep up with the changes.

To allow this technology to work, a battery power source is needed. In the past this was often done by adding the battery on the cabled outside area. However most noise cancellation headphones today have both the technology and the battery located in the headphones themselves. This reduces the outside bulk and makes them much more convenient and portable. Good headphone will continue to work even if the battery runs out, the noise cancellation technology simply won't be operating in these cases.

The two major forms of noise cancellation headphones are the ear surround model and the over ear model. The ear surround model works somewhat like a pair of air muffs. As well as passively reducing the sound getting into the ear canal, the cancellation technology reduces noise even further. They are well cushioned but some people find them heavy and when worn for long periods of time to be hot and sweaty.

Noise cancellation headphones that are worn on the ear simply rest on the ear surface and tend to be lighter. With more airflow the trade off is less noise being eliminated. These are effective to cancel out background noise that is not too loud.

On feature to watch out for when evaluating models is whether the cable can be detached. This is useful if you just want to sit and eliminate airplane noise or the like, and don't necessarily want to listen to music. Being able to detach means you won't be tied to a set of headphone cables.

If you use your noise cancellation headphones for travel or work, it is a good idea to keep them protected while not in use. For that reason, check out the carrying case provided. If you think you will knock them around a lot it will pay to look for a protective hard case. - 30695

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Noise Canceling Headsets Under The Spotlight

By Ledley Withenshaw

If you are thinking about buying a noise canceling headset, there are a lot of different options available, perhaps a considerably large amount more than you actually expected. You don't want to waste your money getting something which is going to break down quickly of course, but you also want to get something which is going to work properly.

Many of the cheaper models of headsets simply do not live up to what is certain the packaging. You need to buy something that is high quality, especially if you're going to use it in a busy office environment. You need to be able to have a microphone which completely blocks out or at least minimizes only background noise. Regardless of what you need a microphone for, having one which cancels any background noises best as possible is essential in almost all scenarios. This is especially true if you're using things such as speech recognition, which can be very sensitive to any background noise.

In an office environment, for example, you get a lot of background noise be had from people talking, other people talking on the phone, or some sort of machinery or just fans. In order to block out these noises and retain a high level of concentration, a noise canceling headphone is extremely useful.

Many noise canceling headsets on the market claim to cancel noise effectively. But there are other uses for them as well. You may benefit by locating one that also allows you use it for newer computers that have speech recognition software bundled with it.

Technologies such as speech recognition rely on a minimal amount of noise in the background. Because of this, they have traditionally been very difficult to use in the busy and crowded environment where there is a great deal of background noise. However, a decent noise canceling microphone helps to overcome this problem quite considerably.

Whether you are using speech recognition or you work in a call center for example, you will still need to have the best noise canceling headset available. It can be very frustrating experience for the person that you are phoning for example, if they cannot hear you due to background noise. Similarly, a work at home mom or dad may also benefit from a noise canceling headset that can attach to your phone or computer to cut down on obvious background noises.

You could get a standalone desktop microphone which simply sits on top of your desk. While this gives you a high degree of freedom, they are really only suited to extremely quiet situations with minimal background noise. This is because there simply not close enough to your mouth, and they do tend to take in quite a lot of background noise. For the most effective filtering, a noise canceling headset with a microphone is your best bet. - 30695

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Wireless TV Headphones - Don't Wake Your Wife When TV Watching

By Ledley Withenshaw

The question "Are wireless TV headphones really worth it?" will sometimes be asked by a person who isn't too familiar with something like television headphones. There are a couple of different types and that they can be quite convenient. They've also improved somewhat in quality over the years. There are also two parts to wireless TV headphones.

Generally, when you buy something like a set of these headphones you're also buying a transmitter unit that attaches to the TV and sends a signal to the headphones. There are two types of wireless TV headphones. The first type, which depends on radio frequency or "RF" to receive signals from the transmitter unit, is currently the most popular model.

The RF variety of wireless TV headphones is very mobile and can be used pretty much throughout a person's house and doesn't require any sort of signal beam or line of sight in order to function properly. The kind of headset known as infrared or IR, does require line of sight to do its job and will not work if you move out of range of the transmitter.

The infrared type of wireless TV headphones require you to be within the directional range of the transmitter. It is also quite often the case that a person who is wearing these headphones and leaves the room were the television is at will quickly lose audio signal. This is because the infrared signal runs directly from the transmitter on the television in a line to the headphones just like most remote clickers.

Wireless TV headphones are great for anyone who is hard of hearing and would otherwise have to turn up the volume on the television set in order to hear what's going on. By bringing the sound closer to yourself, you avoid annoying others who are watching along with you. They are also great for bedroom TV watching while your partner sleeps.

Most wireless TV headphones are relatively inexpensive when compared to other audio type equipment. The cheaper ones, though, aren't very well noted for their sound quality. On the other hand, there are some really nice units out there that run a few dollars more that can deliver better sound quality. Some even work with home theater setups and can offer a surround sound effect.

What all this means, is that the huge improvement in video and audio quality over the last few years and the equipment that takes advantage of that quality will allow a person to watch and listen to anything he or she likes and just as loud as he or she likes without having to worry about other people in the room. The only thing that might be a drawback is if you have a plasma TV, since not all wireless TV headphones will work for this type of TV set. - 30695

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Lightweight Headphones - Best Headphones For Long Working Hours

By Freddy McCandless

Deciding on lightweight headphones without breaking the bank can make for a frustrating experience for those who want to obtain good quality sound at the same time. Just ten years ago, a set of headphones that was able to create good sound could be a bit chunky in both bulk and in how much they weighed. Today, this isn't the case.

Improvements in materials and technology have made a really good set of headphones extremely light yet very durable and higher quality. The kinds of headphones being discussed here are not the ones that are passed out on an airline flight. Rather, the types of headphones that deliver pure and unadulterated sound come from a number of well-known manufacturers.

So, what should a person be looking for when it's finally time to get a pair of lightweight headphones? Well, the first consideration for most non-audiophile types will be cost. Most folks don't want to pay several hundred bucks, though there are people out there who wouldn't bat an eyelash at the thought. Just go online to get an idea of prices and selection, which is always a good first step.

What might come as a surprise to some people is that the lightest headphones are sometimes those which use wires to transport sound from the audio device to the headphones. The reason this is so is that certain wireless headset devices have one to several batteries in them, which can add bulk and weight. Wired headphones don't suffer from this problem.

As is the case when it comes to electronic equipment that needs to be relatively light, the costlier or more expensive units generally are also the lightest. That additional cost has been used to create headphones that use lighter but stronger and more durable materials and also added expensive technologies that create good sound and lighter weight.

Super-light headphones, though really light, might also be very cheap and poorly made, all while failing to create advertised sound quality. In this regard, make every attempt to locate a set of headphones that combine reduced weight and bulk with excellent sound at a nice price. However, if sound quality is paramount, expect to pay for such a thing. Most real audiophiles wouldn't mind, to be honest.

The bottom line when it comes to lightweight headphones is that a person's personal preferences as to just what comprises a set of such headphones will take precedence over everything else. Because of that, take just a small amount of time to find out what's needed in a set of headphones and why they're needed before putting out some cash for them. In the end, happily enough, good quality can be had without breaking the bank.

Many people need lightweight headphones for sports like jogging, gym workouts and other physical activities. - 30695

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Why Buy Sennheiser Headphones ?

By Freddy McCandless

What makes Sennheiser headphones so popular? Well, this is one company that offers a variety of models across a wide range of prices. This maker of quality headphones tries to deliver the best options with many different capabilities all while delivering good quality and easy availability in the market.

Sennheiser usually breaks its headphone categories down into several subcategories. Some are wired and some are wireless. Also, the company has professional, semi-professional and amateur enthusiast headphones that serve a number of defined niches. For example, there are DJ headphones and a Sport Line along with headphones that fall into other identifiable niches.

As far as wired headphones go, Sennheiser offers over a dozen models of different prices and capabilities. Some are called on-the-ear while others are known as around-the-ear. Depending on price, bass response might be emphasized more than in less expensive models. Others will deliver good passive noise attenuation.

Wireless headphones are one facet of headphones that the company sells to its customers. Sennheiser chooses to make its wireless sets so that they utilize radio frequency waves rather than infrared beams. A few also come with SRS Surround Sound. One of these models also comes with its own set of rechargeable batteries.

One thing is that rechargeable batteries are something that you should think about buying when it comes to using wireless headphones. This is because headphones of this type will often run through a set of alkaline batteries in a very short amount of time if the headphones are left on constantly. Therefore, it makes good sense to invest a little money up front on such batteries.

For those who want the absolute best sound possible, Sennheiser headphones come in audiophile models that will deliver excellent comfort in the wearing of the headphones and also super low levels of distortion and excellent sound quality that's almost lifelike in the reproduction of that same sound. Models like these are not cheap, but many an audiophile would say that it's worth it.

As a company, Sennheiser is well known among those who appreciate quality craftsmanship and a good set of headphones. The manufacturer's lineup of headphones is impressive and their customer support has been consistently rated as being at or near the top. In the end, personal preference and headphones will be all about sound quality and durability of the headphones. In this regard, Sennheiser headphones really make an attempt to stand out in the crowd. - 30695

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